Read this before Black Friday

Do's & Don'ts for *Actually* Saving Money

11/21/20231 min read

Black Friday is right around the corner to mark the start of the holiday shopping season. We put together our best tips (along with some gentle reminders) to help you stay money-smart amidst all the offers.

❌ Don't forget the big picture.

Follow your true priorities, not discounts. Money left unspent can be saved and invested for an even brighter future.

❌ Don't pay in installments.

Paying in installments is often a bad deal: the interest rate tends to be so high that it outweighs any discounts.

✅ Do buy things you need.

Taking advantage of real discounts translates to real savings. Focus on buying things that you definitely need right away. Prefer quality items that will last.

✅ Do consider the emissions.

Everything you buy has to be produced, packaged and shipped. Buying less can benefit both your wallet and the environment.

❌ Don't believe every deal.

Most deals aren’t actually amazing or rare. Sometimes, they aren’t deals at all. Compare prices online and stay rational.

✅ Do good for yourself and others.

If you feel the urge to spend, do something meaningful with your money. Boost your savings or investments, or consider donating to a good cause.

✅ Do make a budget.

Create a realistic budget for shopping and don’t exceed it. Bilance can help you set up and track the budget.

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