We are building the future of personal finance

Bilance is a European app with a mission to automate the experience of personal finances. We aim to build a system that helps people to save time and money and gives a holistic overview of all the aspects of one's wealth. We believe that everybody should have a clear understanding of their finances and a path to financial independence.

How it started

We have been trying different apps and solutions for a long time now to solve our own needs. However, most applications are either too manual, too complicated, or do not give a holistic overview of our finances.

With Open Banking users have the power over their data. Because banks don't really help you to spend smarter, we decided to build something that does. We are passionate about getting it right. So get in touch with us with any questions or feedback. We’d love to hear from you.

Meet the founders

Mihkel Vetemaa

Co-Founder & CEO

Erik Martin Vetemaa

Co-Founder & CTO

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🎉 We are happy to officially welcome 3 new countries and a lot of new bank connections to Bilance!

Say hello to Latvia, Lithuania and Finland! 🥰

We are already working hard to bring Bilance to Scandinavia and then to the whole of Europe. 🌍😎

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"Having an overview of her expenses, empowers a woman to create the safety and financial independence she craves."
@kristeltuul 🙌

Why it’s important for you to have a clear overview of your finances? 🤓

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Every year, hordes of people flock to the internet on shopping events like Cyber Monday or E-smaspäev and many do something that they will regret later. 😵

So, how can you avoid overspending and the kind of shopping debt that hangs around until 2023? We have five tips to help you do just that. 👌

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Today is the official launch of Bilance! 🎉

First of all, I would like to thank you for being part of launching Bilance. Your support, feedback, and criticism have been invaluable to lift this project off the ground.

Bilance is now a paid app. Why? 🤔

Our goal is to build a sustainable business and improve Bilance for years to come. We believe that subscription pricing makes that possible. We want to build an application with which you can trust and feel safe. That means that privacy and security are always on top of our minds and running ads or selling your data is not.

Running a sustainable business has costs, so we would like to charge a fair price for a well-made product and with your help, we will keep making it even better.

This is just the beginning 🚀

We have a plan to build a complete system for all your financials.
We are going to recruit more people to the team. If you know awesome marketers, data analysts, or back-end developers, hit us up!
Expand to more countries in Europe.
We truly believe that we are building something that will help you to take control of your money and make better financial decisions. 🙏

Thank you for your support!

Erik & Mihkel 💙

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