Key takeaways from Investing Festival 2022 - "The blood is in the streets"

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7/8/20222 min read

Last weekend I attended the Investing Festival 2022. It was quite a unique event that gathered around 1500 investors, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts together. More than 50 speakers shared their thoughts on the markets and opened up their wallets and portfolios for us to applaud or critic.

1. We are entering into a recession

Most speakers agreed that a recession is coming. All very risky asset classes have fallen heavily. And as they say on the Wall Street - "The blood is in the streets". Diversified and low-risk portfolios will trend again. Even though recession can bring layoffs and other worries, it's also a great time for dollar-cost averaging your way into cheap stocks. Whatever you do, don't try to time the market and don't invest from your "rainy day" fund.

Here are the 3 biggest takeaways from the Festival

2. Invest into yourself

Some of our favorite speakers highlighted that working hard and always learning new skills have been their main keys to success. Let's be honest, you can save only so much. At some point, the fastest way to financial freedom is to earn (and then invest) more. Focus on yourself, take time to learn and find ways to raise your income.

Great, you are still here! :)

Here's a quick overview of some new features we built in June to help you to have a more accurate overview of your finances. 🙏

  • Improved app performance (speed)

  • Automatic transfer detection - From now on Bilance will detect if a transaction is made between your accounts. NB! Works only if both accounts are added to Bilance.

  • Improved categorization - taking into account more factors to decide on a category. Like the sum of the transaction. This should help you to differentiate between buying coffee or fuel from the gas station for example.

3. Stay healthy and have great sex

I don’t know about you - but I was quite surprised by Epp Kärsin's (sex-ed coach) talk about sex and relationships at investing festival.😅 However, she did have great points! Work on your relationships and focus on improving your sex life. It's fundamental for having a great life and happy relationships. What's the point of saving and investing if you don't have anyone to share your success with.

Thank you for reading, have a great July. 😍

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Mihkel Vetemaa
CEO & Co-Founder

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